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Learning 4wd

old parthy

Active Member
Keep an eye on the trip posts.. and f you do head out on your own to some tracks.
Make sure that it's somewhere that others are more then likely to go as well, like Zig Zag in NSW.
That way often you will see others out there and you can see how as a group (if they are good mates/4x4club) how they work the track.
Sometimes if its a small group you can tag along .... You will find that most 4x4er's are a happy lot ........and will try and help out if they see that your new to it...
But on that note if they are hitting the track hard and kicking up heaps of dirt... What i mean is being a dick... then maybe they are not the one's you should be with...
If you do go out to a track like Zig Zag get out there early(8.30), thats when clubs are out there, and you will pick up tips from those there...
And if your car is stock or you feel your not ready to hit that part of the track... Don't worry... there will always be anther day to go back... better to drive home in your car ...... and not on the back of a tow truck.