Last Water Fill before Madigan line going West to East


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I was wondering where is the last spot I can I fill my water containers with good water to the full before I commit to Madigan line. I do not want to carry all of 120 liters, until the very last moment. I will be going via Oodnadatta, Mt Date, Old Andando.
Thank you

muffin man

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Probably Coober Pedy before you head up to Oodnadatta....but seriously you should carry it all from home in case you can't refill or just by 10L bladders at Oodnadatta, not sure if Mt Dare sell them.


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I will be driving up from Roxby Downs, so will probably fill up in some petrol station in Adelaide or Port Augusta


Old Andado has good water..Last civilisation before heading off.
Mt.dare was good years ago but an bit cloudy now..


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Just updating this, in case somebody cares. I ended up filling up in Roxby Downs, but there is pretty good water supply in 3 o'clock creek, if you going that way. So that is where I topped up. I could not do Madigan, from Old Andando (this is March 2018) as it was flooded, so I had to go back down and go back up Colson's track. So that is when 3 o'clock camp is a good spot to top up your water supplies for a trip.