Last Paj question - for a while anyway - NX GLS - Lockers? Or not actually lockers?

Hey Everyone, was having this debate with a mate, I told him my GLS NX Paj came factory with a centre and rear locker, he's adamant its just traction control, not actual lockers as you need to get them fitted after market.

Even when I explained the engage and disengage and the rear one has a switch on the dash that you can seperately engage if in 4wd High Range without going to low range...

As far as I can tell they are actual lockers, the manual reckons the centre locker distributes force equally to all wheels and the rear locker ties the two rear wheels together rotationally....

Can one of the more knowledgeable chaps here clarify please?


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They are lockers. The centre dif locks and so does the rear. Plenty of cars have factory lockers. You can't get an aftermarket centre diff lock that I know of. Furthermore, traction control works by braking a spinning wheel so that drive goes to the other wheel that isn't rotating. This means that the wheels aren't spinning at the same speed. The wheels spin at the same speed when a locker is engaged, you can't fake it.


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Yep, vehicles have been around with factory rear diff locks for decades. Some are standard, some it was an option. I know of a model built in the 60's that came standard with front and rear diff locks and portal axles (Haflinger).

Centre diff lock is a standard for full-time 4wds (landcruisers), whereas other vehicles like patrols (part time 4wd) don't have a centre differential, a different design sends drive between front and back.
Thx that's what I thought... good point about the difference between how the wheel's behave in traction control vs lockers, that makes sense. Thanks everyone for your replies!

So, can you get an aftermarket front locker for the NX Pajero? Or not having a solid front axle is that just not an option?