Landrover Series IIA 1960


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Landrover Series IIA, 1960

Good Points
Awesome off road, Doesn't matter if you break it cheap to fix, and its a spare anyways, But its tuff enough that it's hard to break. Can hose the mud out after a days fun, did I mention it's awesome off road?

Bad Points
Not so good on road, leaf springs kinda suck at that. Doesn't seem to like water in the dizzy too much, other that that, nothing really.

What mods have you done?
Driving lights, mud tyres, radio. doesn't need much else.. I put a hard top on.

What mods are on the list to do?
Maybe put in a heater?

Why did you buy this vehicle?
To tow the boat, just never got around to buying the boat.

How often do you go offroad?
Almost never, would love to be out more, used to be out more, but the handbrake seems to work against me.

What will your next vehicle be?
Have a couple of others already.


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Yeah they're pretty great off road. I had a 1969 SWB with a hard top and the luxury of a heater and big soft bucket seats from somewhere! Motor was a 169 grey Holden? (I think) The previous owner very kindly put Range Rover diffs in it so it didn't mind going the speed limit but I wasn't so sure I liked doing it! Bloody Land Rover steering box was one of the best I have come across but it was still shite!

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Amazing old school,I would think this was the only 4X4 you could buy in Australia years ago?,talked to some older fellows who owned these old trucks,told me they used visit a town, and go 4X4 driven where the Thompson dam is now,way back when,