LandCruiser VDJ76R GXL


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Going to newness this weekend to camp, so far can't speak highly enough of the ome on road manners. hopefully off road is just as enjoyable.


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OME 2" with all the trimmings and a Long Ranger tank
Including cable tied shackle I see. I can confirm these pins undo whilst driving, I lost one in the high country. Note: If anyone finds a yellow bow shackle pin in the high contry area, please PM so I can arrange to have it returned.

Very nice looking 76, good list of mods coming along also.


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Haha, yep zipped it on; have been lucky so far - the only time I lost the whole thing was when I forgot to do it up after tethering the dog to it at a campsite; found it a bit trampled on the road out of Dungog hahaha.

Icom installed! Channel 3 is clear and creepier than ever ;-)

Got to test out the new suspension up Lidsdale last weekend, pretty happy with it - rides super soft and tall.....although the front is now noisy (ARB claim coils are very hard and thus noisy when they grab/stick) giving it another few hundred kays before taking it back if it hasn't gone away; sounds like a cracking gumtree branch going up driveways :mad:


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Thanks! Silver76 do you have the factory bar with the factory side rails and sliders? if so can you put some pictures up. I am thinking about getting these as well just not 100% sure about the look.
The car had all the bar work on it when I got it but I like the look of it. Always seems to draw attention from other 4by drivers. Where u from?

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Looks great. Silver 76 I must say GLx rims really look good with a decent set of tyres

A lot of people run 285s on the GLX rims , when I put myn on I measured the rim and it was 7.5" ID and 8" OD.
It had 285/75 on it when I went to buy it , well used tho so part of my bargaining was to replace all 4 tyres with same size. So I'm not sure how easily this size boot fits. But all good so far.

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I keep hearing mixed emotions when it comes to bigger tires on the standard rims. Was interested to know.
They're worth a stack of money in saying that. I like black steel rims and still can't believe I sold the gxl rims for as much money as I did.

I'll be sure to wave if I see you! I'm sure we won't miss each other.

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Pretty happy with the icom so far actually not as hard to use as I was lead to believe. still getting the hang of what it can do vs my old uniden hand held. defiantly good having a good uhf and a spare hand held should I need it.


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Yeah, I love the gxl rims and saw that BFG make a 33inch tyre in 255/85r16 which is legally allowed to be fitted to a 7inch wide rim. Just not sure how the slightly narrower tyre would feel on road. a lot of people find the 285 tyres make the 70's feel a lot more stable.

Plenty of time to think about it those my 265/75r16 duratracs still have plenty of life in them.