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Landcruiser 80 series

Discussion in 'My 4WD' started by SeaJay, May 6, 2015.

  1. SeaJay

    SeaJay Active Member

    I have done a few improvements over the years.
    97 HDJ80
    PDI Front Mount Intercooler & Trans Cooler
    Moonlight Fabrications Air box
    Safari snorkel
    Tuned pump
    3in Taipan Exhaust
    A442F Auto
    Rear ARB difflock
    270L fuel
    2in lift
    Koni 90 Raid Shocks
    Whiteline H/D Rear Swaybar
    285x75x16 Desert Duellers on ROH mags
    MCC twin wheel rear bar
    ARB roobar and side steps
    Sahara headlights
    Light bar
    ARB 3/4 roof rack or Full length R/R with Roof Top Tent
    Awnings side and rear
    2x uhf in roof console
    EGT and Boost gauges in pillar pod
    Trans temp gauge
    Pioneer USB/Bluetooth stereo & sub
    Rear Drawers
    Cargo Barrier
    Flip-Up Rear Windows
    Engle Fridge
    Voltage display
    MSA Dropslide
    XR6 Seats
    Marks Adapters part time kit
    SS brake lines and calliper pistons
    Electric trailer brake controller
    LED interior lights
    12v and USB sockets front, middle and rear
    Dual batteries with Cole Hersee Master Disconnect Switch
    Twin drink holder :)
    Grandpa spec Sunvisor

    2015-04-17 14.56.40.jpg
    2015-04-17 15.46.54.jpg

    2015-04-17 15.57.00.jpg

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  2. Wang

    Wang Well-Known Member

    nice truck mate.
  3. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    Very nice, the ultimate 80.
  4. SPOD_Here

    SPOD_Here Active Member

    Nice truck there, look after her because you'll never replace that with anything half as good! Thanks for sharing.
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  5. oldlux

    oldlux Well-Known Member

    You just gotta love the 80 series ay?

    In my opinion they were the pinnacle of 4x4 waggons, evolution started going backwards from there.
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  6. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    And I had to by a 105 series to learn that mate:rolleyes:
    Still got the 80 tho ;)
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  7. Towie

    Towie Moderator

    I agree im not a CR fan and its only going to get more complicated isnt it.

    Thats a lurvly truck that one.
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  8. SeaJay

    SeaJay Active Member

    thanks for the comments, we just got back from a trip to Kalbarri, no problems at all :)
    2015-05-10 12.57.44.jpg

    2015-05-11 12.21.31.jpg

    2015-05-12 11.47.51.jpg
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  9. SeaJay

    SeaJay Active Member

    Handy addition, made by a 3D printer 2015-05-27 11.17.56.jpg
    2015-05-27 11.18.28.jpg
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  10. underdog

    underdog Well-Known Member

    Mate, that is brilliant!! Where's this 3D printer person based? What's involved and how much?? I badly need more cup holders in mine, haha so frustrating!
  11. SeaJay

    SeaJay Active Member

    its from a USA Toyota forum, IH8MUD, specifically made to suit the USA 80 series, he mirrored it to suit my R/H drive. It was about $95 delivered as the AUD isn't as good these days, but I thought it worth it as there is nowhere to put a hot coffee on long trips, or a beer on the beach runs. that's his website.
  12. underdog

    underdog Well-Known Member

    Yeah bugger, was hoping it'd be a more custom job/local business, haha. Don't think they have the current pajero/montero over there :( oh well. Enjoy it mate, and thanks for the link!
  13. 80lover96gxl

    80lover96gxl Moderator

    That is way cool.
    Very informative forum ih8mad, the tech ans expedition pages are pretty cool.
  14. dogga_

    dogga_ New Member

  15. Wombat 102

    Wombat 102 Member

    Very nice 80 mate.
  16. tankbloke

    tankbloke 4x4 Earth Contributer

    Maybe it just me, but I got my hopes up when I saw the Carlton stubby, while the drink holder is nice.....o_O

    Really impressive looking 80 you have there.
  17. SeaJay

    SeaJay Active Member

    thanks Brian, Dogga, Tank and Wombat. Yes I like it, its the second 80 I have owned, this one is a bit more fun, a lot more power than the 1HZ I used to have.
  18. SeaJay

    SeaJay Active Member

    Fitted a MSA drop slide, gee there a solid well made bit of kit
    2015-07-03 13.35.12-1.jpg
    there goes the excuse for grabbing a beer instead of a water :)
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  19. Aaron Schubert

    Aaron Schubert Moderator

    Sweet 80 mate. Gotta love them!

  20. SeaJay

    SeaJay Active Member

    not that your bias at all Aaron :)
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