Landcruiser 70 factory GPS/Radio


Hi all
I have a 2012 factory radio in my LC76 and want to upgrade to factory GPS/Radio.
I do not want an aftermarket unit, so if anyone is upgrading their factory unit, please let me know.


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Even the latest factory units are average at best but if you want one go to a local audio shop, they chuck them in the bin. Don’t know where you are but this is one Vic mob who do a lot of 70 series that you could check their bin


I bought a Joying 10’1 unit and they things looks great but does not work when you drive over corrugation
The cable connecting the unit to the screen keeps on loosing contact.
I dumped it in the trash and put my old head unit back.
Thanks for the link, I’ll check them out.
I know the Toyota units can handle corrugation.


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Have run a joying unit for 7 years with no issue. I had to stuff around setting up the 9 inch screen, but well worth it is my experience.