Landcruiser 300 Series

Rusty Panels

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Here’s one i prepared a whole lot earlier (late 80’s early 90’s?). That kid turned 50 on the weekend.
this was a common style of full cage with integrated rack, rear bumper and running boards all bolted direct to the chassis for load bearing and a couple of body points to keep it braced. I carried some stupid weight up there when I was an apprentice chippy.
Transferring this sort of ‘engineering’ onto a modern vehicle would be fraught with danger. But since you asked the question, not completely impossible. It would be a compliance, insurance nightmare though.
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I had one very similar in Hot mustard colour. Mine was a 1.0 litre and wouldn't pull a greasy stick from a pigs rectum. Would climb a brick wall but flat out at 60kph if you were travelling against the wind. Definitely a love hate relationship!