Landcruiser 300 Series


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His delivery might not be to everybody’s tastes, but what he is saying about Toyota and the 300 is absolutely correct.
He got it spot on, I am a fan boy

but yeah he hit the nail on the head they have of recent had teething issues

And agree your mad to buy one in the first year or so… There will most certainly be issues hopefully not that big but I wouldn’t hold your breath!

Even the mighty 1VD had teething issues driving owners mad if you were one of the unlucky ones

let’s not get started on the Prado hilux saga

let the public ( Consumer ) R&D consultants do Toyotas job for free, in a few years they will iron out the issues


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300 on the loose in Victoria.



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Easy come, easy go. major crash involving 6 300's in the Middle East. They didn't even last as long as a Defender. :D





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