Land Rover Discovery IIa TD5 2003


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Land Rover Discovery IIa TD5, 2003

Good Points
Comfy, capable, economical and reliable. Tows well and is very capable offroad in standard form.

Bad Points
Addictive and the BS myths about how bad Land Rovers are..

What mods have you done?
ARB Bull Bar, IPF 900's. Dual batteries, 9000lb Magnum winch, Side steps,
LRA raised springs, Bilstein Shocks, MT/R's(when offroad), chipped ECU, EGR removed, Silicon Hoses, UHF, HF, Roof rack

What mods are on the list to do?
Steering protector,

Why did you buy this vehicle?
I like how they look, its not like driving a truck around town - yet very capable off road. It's powerful, it tows well and its petty economical for a 2 tonne truck.

How often do you go offroad?
currently about once a month.

What will your next vehicle be?
Waiting for a TDV6 Defender


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