Land Rover defender vs Ineos Grenadier New 4WDs for Australia

What would you buy - Defender or Grenadier?

  • Land Rover Defender

    Votes: 5 10.4%
  • Ineos Grenadier

    Votes: 43 89.6%

  • Total voters


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Whilst I agree with what is being saying d about the high entry level price point, maybe they need to operate at that level given it will be a low volume niche market vehicle?


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Maybe if you start from scratch for a new company, factory, R&D, sales network, service centres and procedures, IT systems, and crash testing, that is as good as it can get for pricing.

There are lots of mines, government departments, farmers and construction companies who buy 200's.

If you consider it to be halfway between a 70 and a 200 / 300 in capability and comfort, and if it is reliable, then it could be worth every penny to these target markets as one step up from 70's


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I have ridden in (owned a 76 auto (after market) wagon) and an Ineos. Saying the Ineos needs to price point with a 70 is rubbish. Its more refined, has an auto, diff locks front and rear and even more than two cup holders!!!, and a whole lot of other niceties that are lacking in the 70 series. I think by the time you configured a 70 series to a Ineos spec, there would be little difference in cost, but the 70 would still be uncomfortable to drive.