Land Rover Defender 110 2013


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Nice vids - never looks as steep in vids as it does in real life. What was wrong with the Triton - not one of my favourite vehicles but they do seem to go OK offroad.


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Really enjoyed those vids.
Have been a fan of this build for awhile now, but to see it in action and doing it so easily was mighty impressive.:cool:


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Don't worry about paint mate! rust is weight reduction so I can stay under GVM and not break a chassis.... or because race car.
I'll get them powdercoated at some stage but when I fitted them it was for a trip that was happening 2 days later and wanted to make sure they were going to work in case I had to do some trimming.

Your Landy is about as much of a race car as my Faj. I reckon I'll have to turn my snorkel head around backward to get into full race mode.


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Looks good,
Trail grapples are good but really need low tyre pressures or there like rolling boulders

As a starting point I had them
32psi on road, 14psi off road

Edit, those are hot pressures
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Awesome build! Always liked the Defenders, and this is one of the best I think I've seen. Impressed with the amount of work you've done yourself too - I wish I had that level of mechanical skill.

Lockers really are game changers, aren't they?


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Brett, does the ALT on the PUMA Defenders have a clutch type pulley on them or is it a straight drive with no smarts ??


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Haha hilarious! To tell you the truth I have never done any research into DCDC setups, what I've got here seems to go ok. Most of the components including the 2x100Ah AGM's mounted in the rear that feed it are around 6 years old and have been in 2 different cars now. The only new items are the circuit breakers, fuse panel and the anderson plug.
Example: The last trip we went on (late november) the car was parked up and not started for 5 days, LED strip lights in 2 awnings on for 2-3 hours every night, 65L fridge getting topped up with atleast half a carton of warm stubbies every morning and atleast 30°C temps everyday, no solar plugged in (normally have 2x100Watt panels but didnt take them with this trip) and at the end when we were packing up the batteries were down to 11.0Volts - not ideal but whatevs. Fridge still running.
When we were about to crack out, the landy had been running for a couple of minutes, I chucked the clamp meter on the power wire back to the auxillary batteries - 52amps!!
My system might not bring all the boys to the yard - it simply works.

Good to hear you have a system that works for you :cool: