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Lal Lal

Discussion in 'VIC Trip Reports' started by Ramm, Dec 5, 2018.

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    An afternoon at Lal Lal

    While ignoring my duties at work last week I noticed a tiny green patch just east of Bacchus Marsh (Vic) labelled Lal Lal – Bungal H.a.

    So as it had been raining for a few day and I had something to attend to in nearby Ballarat that coming Saturday I gave it a look in.

    We started at Lal Lal. Had a quick look at what I suppose to be an old water tank and the lovely old Bluestone train station.

    station.jpg According to the Age newspaper “In the late 1800s, Lal Lal station had 23 employees and was also the post office.”

    From a brief look online passenger services on the line were withdrawn in 1978, but there is still a rather friendly “Lal Lal” written in bricks on the embankment opposite the train station. Presumably to be viewed from the window of a train carriage. Which is a nice touch.


    After all the hustle and bustle of Lal Lal we headed east on Ironmine road looking for any interesting tracks on the GPS.

    The first one headed north from Ironmine road and linked up to Stokes Lane that according to Google maps & my GPS had a track that went further north towards the water of Lal Lal Reservoir. However this was gated so we did a loop following Stokes Land back to Ironmine Road.
    This section was fun narrow bush tracks that we took slowly. There was a fair bit of debris from fallen tree’s and branches but fortunately nothing that required cutting or moving. Not that much mud either.

    We then followed Chalkmine road South until it met with Anderson road. The original plan was to follow Heatherbell road. But we had time so we took the long way. This was all easy going and we only saw one dirt biker, who was rather friendly.
    From there we followed Anderson Road around until it became Ironmine road again, eventually ending at a picnic area with an old (wait for it) iron mine and a blast furnace.

    This segment was interesting lots of ups and downs and ruts. Traction was fine. Nothing to serious but certainly enough to demand your full attention while driving.


    For the most part the tracks are well kept. There are a fair few ruts from runoff water that follow the tracks. Nothing that’s going to swallow a vehicle but some of them present themselves suddenly from around sharp corners.

    I did find myself on a few angles that made me feel a little vulnerable but I tend to play it very conservatively in that respect.

    You may note on online maps it would appear Thynes Road appears to open to the North east of Blast Furnace Picnic ground and runs along the top of the Dam. This was Gated and closed when I visited. I am unsure if this is seasonal closure or permanent Management Vehicle only.

    If anyone has a few hours to kill in that part of town I would recommend the visit. Great bushland. Even if it’s just driving in on the super well-kept roads to Blast Furnace picnic area for lunch. But I would defiantly not be driving around here if there was a bit of wind. There are also waterfalls just to the west of Lal Lal that I unfortunately didn’t make the time to visit (really my only regret is not stopping at the pub for lunch).

    And that's My first trip report. Any feedback is welcome.

    All The best

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    Nice little report mate. I'm relatively local to the area and have had a quick look around. Had the same issue as you with the gate being locked so I'm guessing it's only ever opened for management access or something.
    The waterfall is definitely worth a look but only if there's been rain, otherwise it's a trickle.
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