Lake WIlliam Hovell towards Top Crossing Hut

Hi Everyone, headed off towards Top Crossing Hut on the weekend. Track is in pretty good condition, first water crossing was fine, second at the King river (about 2/3 of the way to the Hut) was too high and too fast for me to be willing to tempt it solo without a snorkel.

Some pics along the track.

2019-09-01 12.41.29.jpg

Fallen Tree I fortunately didn't have to cut, just enough room to get around the right side.

2019-09-01 12.43.34.jpg

First creek crossing. Not too deep, bit of flow, but quite manageable, the far side is a a bit steep with some decent steps (photo as always doesn't do it justice) but had no issue getting up first go.

2019-09-01 12.59.29.jpg

Camping spot along the King River, up and flowing well. Great spot.

2019-09-01 13.10.35.jpg

Second crossing. Decided this was too deep and too fast to tackle solo without a snorkel so turned around at this point. Looking forward to going back and completing the trip sometime. Water was pretty fresh too so didn't feel like wading out into the river to check the depth either.

Still a great little day trip. Just in and out as most of the side tracks are seasonally closed.