Lake Eyre advice


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September 2000

"We arrived late afternoon and were pleased to find the Lake lapping within 20m of the "edge" in a light northerly breeze. It appeared fuller than expected and tomorrows launch looked like an easy task compared to other trips. We retired thinking we will be sailing the next day.

During the night one of those southerly changes blew up and by morning it was a constant stiff breeze. A walk from the camp to the Lake edge dune revealed - shock horror - no water at all. The southerly had blown the water out about 2 kilometres over night! It could barely be seen on the horizon.

After three days waiting one propective member gave up as he had run out of holidays. The wind stopped mid morning and the water was back by lunch time. We sailed that afternoon! "
Looks like the second flood is flowing in.
I too have been watching the NASA site and I reckon it will still be another 2mths or more before most of the water comes down and even then, I would be surprised if it gets to the levels they are predicting... It hasn't really flowed into Halligan's Bay; nothing in Lake Eyre South yet... And seeing that photo from @mac_man_luke that the water isn't visible from Halligan's Bay from the viewing point - I'm definitely starting to doubt that will get to the predicted 75% full...

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, South Australia

Flood Warning for the Inland Rivers SA

Issued at 9:54 am CST on Tuesday 11 June 2019
Flood Warning Number: 44

The water level at the Poothapoota gauge on the Warburton River is falling.

The amount of water along the Warburton River is less than the previous event.
Flood impacts such as inundation of flood plains are reducing.

Increased flow into Kati Thanda - Lake Eyre is expected to ease over the coming
weeks. Water is expected to remain in parts of the lake through winter and into

The water level at Poothapoota Waterhole peaked at 5.55 metres on Sunday 26
May. On Tuesday morning the water level was at 4.98 metres and falling.

Cooper Creek:
On Tuesday morning the water level at Cullyamurra Waterhole was at 2.43 metres
and falling. The Cooper Creek is not expected to provide inflow to Kati Thanda
- Lake Eyre.