Lake Cobbler Track - McIver Camp Ground to Lake Cobbler

It'd been a few years since I'd last done this track and in it's current condtion there's no doubt we were travelling the easier direction. There are steep climbs whatever way you go but some of the hills we went down had been well torn up through traffic and snow melting making them wet and slippery. Not too hard going down but going up would have been a different story.

That said, it's certainly passable travelling from West to East, we passed a lot of vehicles coming the other way ranging from one of the new Suzuki Jimney's, to the obligatory Hilux's and a couple of 79 series cruisers.

2019-08-17 15.13.41.jpg

First of the rocky hills, as always photo's never do them justice...

2019-08-17 15.44.35.jpg

Next in line, still a fairly easy climb

2019-08-17 15.52.58.jpg

Getting closer to Lake Cobbler, wet, muddy and slippery.... not the steepest toughest section but you get the idea

2019-08-17 16.07.51.jpg

Approaching the lake, this section from the turnoff down to Bennies camp ground through to the lake is an easy drive and well travelled

2019-08-17 16.12.05.jpg

Never having seen Lake Cobbler in winter with snow, it didn't disappoint

2019-08-17 16.12.37.jpg

Great spot, well worth a visit if you're in the area.