L plate education


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My L plate daughter drove to adelaide with her mother as the passenger. She drove the 400 ks there; in and around city with the only drama being Mum giving the wrong directions lol. Overnighted in Adelaide and drove the 400 ks back only to bump a bloody emu. Only damage was a $45 indicator light that Dad fitting for free but the education was priceless. She did it all to the book; nice and straight, and had wiped off a lot of speed of before the bump. Not sure the local instructor she has used to get her fully ready for her test this week could give such a lesson. .
Next trip will be by herself somewhere in front of me as I drive my darling X's Mitsubishi suv :D as she moves back for her last 6 months of Uni / hope it's the last 6 mths! :rolleyes:
another bit of a smile. Another daughter who prefers scooters was given a free car licence when she moved to another state even though she has never driven a car in her life :eek:
My daughter couldnt wait to start learning to drive.
Did most of the hours in a large lifted truck that requires 2.4m of clearance.
Proud dad moment, the day she got her P's, even though she cliped a gutter, and touched the curb parking the examiner passed her, commented its a big vehicle for a learner.
Not a scratch, on the L plates, tore a plastic cap of the side step a month ago.
Considering shes driving in inner sydney, i'm happy.
Miss driving my truck though, not the running her and her friends around.
Last week she took them to the royal national park, amazing how many city kids haven't been on a dirt track.
Just need to get her on the 4wd driving course at the club......