KM2's cracking between tread blocks after 35,000kms


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No mistake.

A little bumpy yes, but helps with the strong arm steering.

Most people when fully loaded, heading off on a trip would have their tires under inflated for the increased load they are carrying.

Judging by the perfectly evenly wear we have experienced and the km's traveled so far, id say the pressures are ok.


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I run my KM2's at 50-56PSI when on blacktop also.
They tend to run on the side wall blocks much under 44PSI.

I looked at 6 sets of these on the weekend and saw no cracks as discribed.
About 1/2 where slightly chiped from rock work, all admited to running 30+ when doing this.


:eek: Wow they are some high pressures. I only have 10000km on mine (285/75/16 on an 80 series) and run 40psi on the tar. Have rotated twice at 5000km intervals and the initial wear looks good.

Air down to about 20-22 offroad and all works well so far.

Might air up to 46psi for a week and see what happens.


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I tried higher pressures on road, 45 to 50, was too hard, could feel every bump, not much cushioning effect. Any pot holes really sent a shock through the car.

Went back down to 40.

Regarding the cracking, I had a set of MTZ's that done that, done about 30,000 km's, I put it down to some hard work off road, rocky/shale tracks, first set of tyres so possibly running incorrect pressures at times, etc.

Was getting a few cuts in the side walls from rutted/rocky tracks and falling against the walls of the ruts. So i simply got rid of them, each trip I done I was more concerned about one of them splitting open, with the evidence of sharp object damage couldn't see any warranty working with the cracking.