kj cherikee diffs


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have any jeepers with a kj had any problems with the diffs, that is howling noise like bearings. Mine has had 4 new diffs 4 new crowns and another recent front diff rebuild under warranty and i have only done 80,000k`s. hardest work this car has done is beach work?. no hard hill climbs mud or anything..since new.
first front diff went at 8,500,new crown. new diff 10,000.
rear diff at 12,000,new crown. new diff 13,500
rear diff 18,500, new crown. new diff 22,000
front diff 28.000 new crown. new diff 31,000
front diff rebuild 78,000.


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lemon or not that is the question.

:rolleyes: thanks guys i like the train comment , just dont want to be in the car at the time.
this car has had 45 warranty claims since new.now the abs module has shit itself


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That's utter bullsh it!!!! 45 warranty claims and they havnt had the decency to offer u a new car!??? Drive your lemon to the dealership and demand a new one! Tell em your not leaving until this happens!

Call consumer affairs and bodies alike, there is a clause somewhere in there that states if your purchase works but not for what is considered a reasonable time that you are entitled to new/repairs. In this case id be taking new and driving this one through their car yard blindfolded expressing your anger in the amount of $$$ damaged :)