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Kings Adventure roof top tent

Discussion in 'Tents' started by Bradwildtrak, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. Bradwildtrak

    Bradwildtrak New Member

    hey everybody
    im looking at getting a roof top tent and am looking at the adventure kings has anyone seen any reviews on these?

    thanks in advance
  2. Bardzy

    Bardzy Member

    I have one which I use a fair bit they seem sturdy enough and keeps us dry only let down is the velcro which helps hold the tent down after pack up has let go so now I use a ratchet strap
  3. Bradwildtrak

    Bradwildtrak New Member

    thanks Bardzy have you got any pics of yours mounted.
  4. sveken

    sveken New Member

    Im also looking at either a adventure king or the Darche Panorama, anyone else tried the kings?
  5. Towie

    Towie Moderator

    I have not used Kings but a few years ago had an ebay model was $900 deliverred same as the Kings and others. Was a good thing you notice the differences in the cheap versus expensive but i would buy one again.

    Only thing i would say is the mattresses in them are rubbish you need to upgrade it or add aditional foam there is plenty of room to put extra in there & leave the doona pillows etc setup inside.
  6. rob_macca67

    rob_macca67 Well-Known Member


    If u would listen to the BIG RTT Brands, they would have u believe that theirs is worth more $$ because of their quality control; finish, etc..... but is this really true?
    I'm in the market for a RTT (hoping more to find a good 2nd hand one though) & to date I've checked out Darche and the Kings Brand and I don't see much difference bar the price..... some $600 or more....
    Other brands I'm interested in looking at (and hearing other people's opinions) are the Gordigear; Austrack; Ironman; TJM and Kulkyne .....

    thanks in advance

  7. bigjew

    bigjew Member

    Get a South African made tent. Lion proof.
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  8. Albynsw

    Albynsw Well-Known Member

    I have had an Austrack one for about 5 years and happy with it.

    I went with there one over the others as even though it is a Chinese import, Austrack are an Aussie canvas tent manufacturer as well so thought they would be more mindful of quality products rather than some NOOB just turning a dollar on a product they know nothing about.
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  9. Sean Caulfield

    Sean Caulfield Active Member

    I have the Panorama 2 Rooftop tent and its awesome, the fact you can open the roof up and let the hot air escape pays for itself the first time you open it up in the heat..
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  10. rob_macca67

    rob_macca67 Well-Known Member

    We also went with the Austrack RTT. The one thing I really liked about this one was it had side protection for the fly to protect the end window from any rain coming in for the side.... The others never had this and with the price being the same as KINGS, it was a no brainer......
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  11. Cougz

    Cougz 4x4 Earth Contributer

    We were away on the week end and there was a few rooftops set up. We had strong winds one morning and i can say the Darche was the only one standing up to it. The rest were all flapping and bending over. If i was buying 1 that would be my pick.
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  12. hiluxdriver

    hiluxdriver Well-Known Member

    Those of you that have, or have had a RTT can you tell me how long it takes to fully set one up one your own at a very relaxed pace? I'm highly considering one of the above but hope it would be less that 20 minutes to completely pack and unpack as I say at a very relaxed pace (normally with a beer in hand).
  13. Bradwildtrak

    Bradwildtrak New Member

    hey mate i have a kings RTT when not using the annex, setting up only takes around 10 mins.Packing up may take another 5 mins on top to try and get all the sides of the tent tucked away so you can zip the cover on. once you do it a couple of times you get the hang of it and only becomes easier.
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  14. Sean Caulfield

    Sean Caulfield Active Member

    Yeah I agree with Bradwildtrack, I have the Darche and I had a mate time it so rushing I can do it in about 7 mins. Beer in hand as it usually is I reckon about 10-12 mins taking my time to set it up. And j reckon it takes about 15 mins to pack it up. Once you do it a few times you'll learn how to donor quickly. Packing up I reckon the slowest part is zipping on the cover. I use a dog leash to make pulling it across the zip from the other side of the car, little tip to everyone.
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  15. Waza

    Waza Member

    I have a ebay purchased south african made RTT and it is one of the best bits of kit. Being up high on a hot night give a breeze to cool and ventilate, nice and roomy but the mattress is too soft for comfort, so it will be replaced. The zipper a YKK as per all others has broken so i am going to put eyelet through it and bungee lock it down like a tourneau cover - This will remove the packing up frustration of getting the zipper caught in the skirt :D
    Friends of mine have a ebay one and it lasted through a cat 1 cyclone in WA - so i think they are all pretty good !
  16. Hagared

    Hagared Member

    Just wondering if anyone has further feedback on these Adventure King RTT's. I am considering a RTT as my canopy is pretty much the perfect height to fit one without creating extra drag. I was looking at a JB folding tent but these are well over 3K and the Adventure Kings is on sale at the moment for $575. Can there be that much difference in quality? I am generally wary of the cheapest gear but sometimes it is worth while!

    Any comments on these tents? Thanks for your help.
  17. SeaJay

    SeaJay Active Member

    I have there touring version (Kings) and we used it for 3 weeks solid on the Gibb River Rd,Lake Argyle, and the Bungle Bungles without a problem. Didnt use the annex as the weather was warm. Hooking the guy ropes under the feet of the ladder is a good thing on hard ground, better than trying to hammer pegs in. You feel very safe from the crocks up on the roof as well. We did get some egg shell foam from clark rubber to make the matress more comfy, if your only going overnight or weekend it would be ok with just the supplied matress, and from what i saw there all about the same exept for the price
  18. Hagared

    Hagared Member

    Thanks for the feedback SeaJay.
    These tents are sounding like a bargain.

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