king springs


hey has anyone had experience with king springs or moorebank all springs, as i am looking in to getting new springs


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I've got Kings on my patrol , been into central Australia twice on them, 50,000 KM up , still seem to be OK !


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Check out

Have a chat as he sells both Dobinson and Kings Springs.

The springs are manufactured differently especially in the post winding surface treatment.

As a general rule Kings Springs are apparently slighlty more car construction and post winding treament biased

Dobinson Springs are more truly heavy duty for less sag over time and greater ability to carry loads without sagging.

Dobinsons Spring & Suspension

On the plus side both companies make a high quality product and they are made in Australia.




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97 swb holden frontera
I am crrently running King Springs on my Patrol, but i have coils from a cab chassis / ute in the back end which are thicker and heavier than normal wagon springs, and these are doing a great job. My suggestion would be to measure the springs you have in there and see if you can get an upgraded / ute spring for yr Frontera.