kimberley or Pioneer


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Yep just as the title suggests, weve pretty much worked it down to a Pioneer onyx or a Kimberley LE.
I prefer the Pioneer, she prefers the Kimberly only because she can pack and unpack it herself with that 2 part floor design.
So the question is for you kimberly and Pioneer owners out there, I need your opinions and thoughts. Let me know if theres something ive missed, why you love your camper and what you dont.


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Every year campers are getting cheaper. I've seen people pay $24,000 less than 2 years ago and now can buy them less than $20,000 with all the mod cons. In less than 2 years can't sell them for $8000 + less?

Just be careful you don't over capitalize on something that may be worth a lot less in times to come. Its such a changing market due to demand that it's like the tools of old.


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Hey Hammer, That's one of the reasons I'm going with an Aussie made top quality hard floor, They hold their price incredibly well as the second hand market will attest.
Thanks for the "My swag" heads up Aaron, plenty of good stuff in there.

Brian Walkington

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We are on our second Kimberley Kamper. We got our first one new about 10 years ago, and sold it 5 years later for $500 less than we paid for it. We sold to upgrade to the new model, as it had lots of improved features. The current one might go on the market shortly, and expect to drop no more than $1000 on what we paid 5 years ago.
I am not familiar with Pioneer, but can't really compare, nor point to any quality or significant design faults with the KK from our experience.
A couple of little niggles though that you learn a work-around for;
1. If you are on uneven ground, the jockey wheel may not go low enough to line up with the tow hitch on our 150 series Prado, so we carry a couple of bits of timber to lever it up. This is after I shortened the jockey wheel outer tube by 20mm so it could go lower.
2. Putting on the kwik awning can be a challenge if you follow the instructions. The way we do it is to put in the poles while it's on the ground, then zip it on. I am 180cm and need a folding stool to do this comfortably. Also, once it's zipped on, make sure the velcro flap is over the zip neatly, or it might leak water, which can find it's way inside.
3. The extractor fan in the gull wing where the fridge is mounted can fail regularly. It's a standard 90mm square fan. You can get replacements easily enough in the aftermarket. BUT the philips head screws that hold it in are positioned so you can't get a screw driver on them, unless you have a right angle screw driver, so someone has to lie on top of the camper with vice grips on the screw heads while you crawl inside the gull wing to undo the nuts to change the fan.

Karl Fehlauer

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I have a Pioneer Longreach and absolutely love it - before that I had a Downunder Deluxe (WA made) and it was great but being a side fold with the 4m tent it was too big for the two of us - great when the kids came camping but they are grown up and don't come anymore.

We looked at all the Aussie made Campertrailers and liked them all but in the end it came down to Pioneer and Kimberley. What sold us on Pioneer was the customer service from Linda and Jim (WA Dealers) and the price as the Pioneer was slightly cheaper than a Kimberley.

I like the Pioneer because of the ease to set up and pack up as it takes about 5min to set up (10 if SWMBO helps :)) and about the same to pack up. If using the awning it takes a little longer. The quality of the build is just fantastic and I can not fault it and the customer service is one of the best I have experienced in a longtime and that made it for me.



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Thanks for these reviews guys, I really appreciate them, keep em coming. The customer service has been amazing from Pioneer Just like Karl mentioned, the alternative has been the exact opposite unfortunately and I'm wondering if that aspect is what is swaying my thought process. (amazing how answering your many and odd questions with a smile can help sell something?)
As for convincing the good wife to go camping... well that's never been an issue. I knew I had a keeper many years ago when she gave my mates girlfriends a spray because they were being all precious on camping trips and demanded to be driven to a "clean" toilet.