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Hello all you fishos. I will be spending a bit of time in NW WA next year (Canning, GRR etc etc) and want to do a spot of fishing whilst up there. I don't have a lot of room and am packing as light as possible. But all fishing will be land based, rivers or beach, and will be targeting any species that's big enough and good enough to eat. I am not a fishing dude so my question may seem a little vague, however what would be the best rod and reel combo for this scenario and what tackle should I be taking? (best all round bait, lures etc). As well as doing the CSR, Anne Beadell and the Munja Track catching a barra is high on my bucket list. Thanks in advance.


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As you know with fishing local knowledge is everything and I think it is even more so up the top end with tides and moon phases. I know many who go to these areas and catch nothing and have seen the same up the Cape but if you know what you are doing it is amazing fishing
If you can I suggest getting a charter or a guide and you will catch fish with memories of a lifetime.
Regardless I would give one of the tackle shops a call near where you plan to go to get an idea of suitable rod and reel to take and then go to the local shops up there to buy your lures and hooks and get a bit of local info in the process of where to have a fish.


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Plastic bait = Great. I like the white body, red head what every there called. Or a brown black with gold spot through the body. I go with 2 sizes of each type. But then some people like green so go figure. All depends on $$

Hard body / Bomber lures, Gold seem to be the go. Mid size, I like the floating type as if you hit a snag, stop, let it float back up and continue fishing. Also a good way of fishing. Dive, float back up dive. Depth is anyone guess, me prob about 5mt for off the bank.
If you going spinners/metal, shiny for brights days. More dull colours for over cast darker days.

I run about a 1 to 1.5mt of mono off braid If braid is new to you start practicing now on joining mono to braid.
Google FG KNOT My favourite. and find the easy 1 that you can understand as there a few different ways, like super complicated to simple.

Rod wise.
5ft with a egg beater.
Medium weight. Good flex will help with casting smaller lighter plactis weight. Spend as much or as little as you want. Better rod definitely does not meant better fisher man. Me I'd be happy with a $150 combo..

Small back pack to fit all yr goodies. If you cannot fit it in a small back pack you have to much stuff.



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Go on a charter or two if you are really keen on catching a fish. They aren’t cheap, but either is fishing and you are paying them to supply the gear, the tackle/bait/lures, the boat and most of all the know how. Anyone can go sit on a wharf with a pack of prawns and maybe catch a fish, not many can make a living off putting other people onto fish. I know more than a few people who have sold their boat and book a few extended live aboard charters a year and reckon they are well in front money wise.

If you want to do a bit on the side as well, for something like a Barra, first you need luck, next a 4000 sized reel or baitcaster spooled with 20-30lb braid and a 5-8kg rod would be a good starting point. Then you’re going to need leader, lures. Or hooks and swivels, as well as something to catch live bait. I don’t know if cast nets are legal in wa?

If you’re going down the lure track, start practicing now. If you can’t put a lure on a target the size of a five dollar note, you will need a lot of lures because you nearly always catch more Barra and jacks in the snaggiest part of the waterway.

My best session on jacks, we were landing 1 out of every 5 or 6.