Karlamilyi NP aka Rudall River


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Hi wondering if it worth the trip .Wanting to start Alice Springs end of Gary Junction Rd and end up at Karlamilyi N.P. I have about 1100kms fuel range.
Hard finding a detailed map of tracks within the N.P. >W.A. P.W.S have map but only show a couple tracks. Thanks


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Just responded to your conversation, you can get fuel at Kunawaritji although it is relatively expensive it sure does beat pushing it the rest of the way, you should be OK for fuel from Alice to there, I always take a jerry as well ( we have a 1500km range) .

Get yourself some Hema Maps - Central Australia, Karlamilyi, Great Desert Tracks North West & North Central cover all of that area in detail

You will need a permit from the Central Land Council and http://www.daa.wa.gov.au/land/entry-permits/

Ensure you have a working HF Radio, EPIRB or PLB as this is remote country and when we were out there saw no one for a week so please be prepared