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Thanks for sharing - I have only had a brief look through & will go through & have a good look later today.
That Beaufighter at Duxford was an Australian built.BTW I saw one flying at an Air show at Coffs Barbour in 1949.


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Wow Dave ,

That is some documentation ! Your photos certainly bring to the fore the enormity of the scale of the loss of life .

Thank you for sharing .

Regards Simmo


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Bill, Would love to see the Beau flying again. My grandfather talked about watching then over the Solomons during the war.

Bushy, makes you realise how grateful we all should be and where would our country be if these boys, our brightess & best were able to contribute to the Australia we enjoy today.. It was a great trip but 140 cemeteries in 6 weeks made me feel like a ghoul. Need some time in the bush !!??

Cheers & enjoy