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Ok i was looking at organising a trip round Tassie in June but doesnt look like there is enough interest. So now i want to know if anyone on the East Coast of Oz is got anything planned for the first 3 weeks of June (i am on Holidays) i am looking at heading up to brisbane. Please let me know if anyone is free and the wife and i can catch up with for a little bit of a trip to keep the drive to Brisbane interesting. Cheers all


Hey mate,

Sorry to hear you pulled the pin on Tassie. We are still thinking about maybe a week long trip down there new year. I have been down there a few times, but about 7 years ago we spent 9 days touring around (no 4WD) and we loved it, so I hope to head down there again soon.

Pity your holidays aren't it July because the first week is Middle Earth and that should be bigger than Ben Hur!!! :)

Apart from that I am sure the Banana Benders will look after you! Don't forget to have a look at Stockton Beach if you can. We are planning a day trip there during Middle Earth and I can't wait.



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If the house hunting goes ok. I would love to show Elise a bit of Tassie. It is very nice and worth the trip. Early new year fingers crossed if we are in a stable home by then we would be in for sure.


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Have confirmed now we a going to drive up to brisbane from down here in the first 3weeks of June. Would love to catch up with some of you guys on the way up let me know if your free around that time even those of you up in the brisbane area etc that are keen to go for a play.