June Long Weekend Mini Middle Earth 2013


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Hey guys.. so wish i was going, we couldn't get a sitter for the 3 nights, only 1, and a wee bit too cold to take them out, especially when they're water rats, and it's too far for just 1 night, so we are doing Sunny Corner to Capertee (trying to find Jackass hill) on Saturday and staying at Rydal Pub :D, (with out munchkins).. so, just putting it out there, if anyone comes back early, we'll be at Mt Walker on Sunday, with a few other people... UHF CH 12.

Cheers, Russ...

Hi Russ what time would you be at mt walker on sunday would love to go Cheers Dave


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To all those heading up today: I just want you to know that I hate you:p

So Jealous. See you up there tomorrow:)

teza h

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Have a top weekend everyone,,,take plenty of pics so you can show us the antics:D:D:p
Cheers Teza.


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Hey guys, have a great and safe weekend away, sorry i couldnt make this trip, so dissapointed that i couldnt make it and meet the other members.. Looking forward to seeing pics and vids....


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Lisa & I would like to thank everyone that came out to Bylong Creek 4x4 Park over the Long Weekend.
We hope that everyone had a great time out there as we did.
Also a special thanks must go out to ALL those that traveled long distance to join us for the Weekend.
Im sure that there will be photo & video in the next couple"a" days.


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Back at ya darren and lisa, for organising it!!!
Good to see some of the cane toads, cross enemy lines for the weekend :D
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Got home around 4pm after crap traffic & RAIN but who cares when we have had a great time with new & old friends & I don't mean old like US!;)

Thanks Darren & Lisa for organizing this - photo's to come after the usual clean up.


What a awesome event!!

Great job Darren and lisa for organising the whole event - What a success I loved it :)

Thanks also for feeding me when I bought the wrong gas line for my cooker :D :rolleyes: I really appreciate it and Lisas cooking is superb! What a tops roast and that sweet potato bake was incredibly tasty!

Was great to put some names to faces and everybody is soooo nice and friendly! and I appreciate all the advice on how to 4wd properly and being allowed in peoples cars to see how its done :) (Im a real novice at this stuff so it was great to watch and learn from the pros)

Im uploading photos and video now (nearly done) I will start a new thread in the trip report section I guess to stick them in if somebody doesnt beat me to it :)

Turns out after checking my gps log it took me 5 hours each way (I thought it was 3.5 lols, guess time flys when your enjoying the scenery - and I did stop for photos I guess :D )


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Hope everyone's travels home were okay! Especially the qld crew!
I had an awesome time, was brilliant to catch up with so many people! And have a beer with everyone!
Again thanks to everyone one and Darren and Lisa for the hard work organizing the trip!


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Thanks Darren and Lisa for organising everything. A weekend like that doesn't come together without a lot of hard work. Very much appreciated. We had a great time. Thanks to everyone else who came out and made it the great weekend it was.


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Thanks to Darren and Lisa for organising the trip, we ( including the mutt) had a ball... cheers..