June Long Weekend Mini Middle Earth 2013


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stopped by dan murphys before, important things first guys ;)
On a sad note a pulley sounds like its on its way out in the engine bay, i pray its serpentine related and got nothing to do with the timing belt.
I plan on over hauling belts and pulleys on both systems very shortly, just hope it last the long weekend......
Will pull the timing cover off tomorrow night and check the belt condition, fingers crossed

O.K. Mate, what is the sound like that your hearing? Is it a squeal or another sound?

Last year on a South Australian trip I had a loud squeal in my Patrol engine & someone (who will remain nameless ;) ) told me it was an idler wheel bearing which I said was not right & poured a small bucket of water over the Serpentine Belt & the noise stopped instantly but came back naturally after a short time.

When I got time I rubbed Silicon on the sides of the belt (Took a few goes to get all the belt) & everything is fine now - THAT was 12 Months ago.

Poor some water on the belt & see what happens. I have some Silicon grease you can use if you need it.


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I'll be heading up early Saturday morning. Leaving home (western Sydney) around 6am. Anyone else got a similar plan?


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Spent some time on the weekend checking over the car and camper. All good to go.

Google reckons that it's a bit over 9 hours from our driveway to Bylong. Jacki wants to arrive in daylight, so we'll make an early start on Friday.

Really looking forward to the weekend!

we are leaving early on riday so we might see you on the road somewhere. As soon as the kid gets out of bed, we will be on the road.

(the kid is our alarm clock)

so looking forward to it..




I take it the car is now registered then Daniel?

Sure is mate - Too easy online these days :)

Dont get a rego sticker anymore though - but Ive already peeled the old one off :)

I kept it tho hahahhahah - at least they ended on a nice colour :D
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All right I've solved one of my first world problems, which was no roof rack = no oztent. However since my lovely is staying home, I now have a new passenger to talk the ear off!


I hope your passenger doesnt leak gas on the drive up:D:D

Have a good trip up prawns. I hope the Pajero "Ultra Camper Deluxe" forfills its duties as intended.

Cheers mate :)

Visibility out of the Pajero isnt so good with the tent setup in the boot but i will manage :D

I stuck a sign up today in my side window for the stickybeakers driving past as well - so they know not to mess with my new "man cave"


Reckon my new "Ultra Camper Deluxe" should do fine :)
(I even test slept in it last night :D - yep Im excited ahhahahha - shes nice and comfy :) )


Come on where's the pics of the Ultra Camper Deluxe.lol
Cant wait to see that Denial.lol

Ive been sticking pics up in the "what did you do to your 4x4 this week" thread
but heres a couple to wet your appetite :D


and my new beer shelf I made with "entertainment system" for watching porn (iphone holder with a shoelace tether system) and I ended up moving the bog roll holder to the underside of the shelf (it even rolls like a normal dunny holder! so stoked :D )

Oh yeah - Im sooooo ready! hahahahha. I saved and saved as well and managed to afford beer as well! YES! hahahahha
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Ive even made a small table which mounts to my tailgate step by using a single bit of bent steel - literally 5 seconds to setup and remove!

Will be good for sitting my single burner on and cooking up all my noodles, and as a breakfast bench hahahahha

Bent steel

Table setup - quite stable im impressed

Ive also made a "powerpack charging station" for the bylong trip :D (mind you the attachments I need to charge my iphone never arrived from ebay in time - but I can now charge AA+AAA batterys at least)


When your as busted broke as I am - you just make stuff you already have work I guess :D

Bring on Bylong so I can use my mods I custom made especially! :D

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Prawns, I gotta know, does the paj leak? Haha why do you need a tent setup in back? Cracks me up! Funny shit!