Julimar Forest with the Churchlands High School Fathers Group - A day out learning to 4WD

Karl Fehlauer

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My 4WD Club took some fathers and there kids out for a day to teach them how to use their 4WDs off road - most had little experience but that was restricted to very basic stuff.

We had nine vehicles / fathers and about 15 kids and everyone enjoyed themselves.

We gave them a run down on 4WDing such as tyre pressures, how to conduct a recovery and then set them a couple of basic courses to get their confidence update before heading off and having a play.

They all did good and even the VW Tuareg did very well and surprised me.


2019-10-05 4WD - 005-Edit.jpg

2019-10-05 4WD - 011-Edit.jpg

2019-10-05 4WD - 016-Edit.jpg

2019-10-05 4WD - 020-Edit.jpg

2019-10-05 4WD - 023-Edit.jpg

Karl Fehlauer

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Its a great spot with some good tracks etc - unfortunately there is a lot of rubbish left behind by idiots :mad::mad:

Might have to organise a clean up some time next year.