JP's new HJ47 Troopy


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1984 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ47
4L 6 cyl diesel
4 speed transmission
Eaton Harrop E-locker front locker
4WD Systems Lokka rear locker
60L 2nd fuel tank
Thomas electric winch
2" lift springs


Got this as the new daily driver. Rough condition but has its good bits.

350,000km, spent most of its time off road. Pretty much stock so lots of mods to do, plus rust repairs and bog removal.
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For starters removed rubber flares to prevent further rust, it wasn't as bad as I was expecting under the rubber. Also fixed paint on front and rear of chassis and changed door handles, latches and catches so the doors shut tight.

Installed thermostat, replaced viscous fan hub that was always on, fitted heater tap, replaced dirty water with coolant, and changed belt. Now it can actually warm up and seems to be better on fuel and quieter not always running the fan.

CD player fits perfect with brackets from the stock AM radio. Speaker location is temporary.



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Got new shackles, pins and bushes and ball joints. The old shackles had collapsed and there wasn't much left of the bushes. Also removed 3 leaves from rear packs and 2 from front packs because it was much too stiff. I will also need new springs and shocks sometime soon but they are not cheap.

Now the front sits about 1" higher than before and the rear is about the same but much softer.

The soggy carpet and home made seats needed to go, also started on rust repair until I ran out of grinding discs.

Transfer case fill plug was tight and completely rounded off. Needed some welding and hammering before it came loose.

Turns out the oil was leaking out of the transfer case and into the transmission and not going back again. This hose should fix it but I will check the oil level regularly to make sure it is ok.



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good score mate ill be following your thread, still on my to own one day list.
It was on my list for a while, just needed the space and once I had the space it took a bit to find one. It's good to finally be driving one.

Got some new tyres, Dunlop Road Gripper F in 7.50 x 16 size. Some of the tyres it came with were older than me (the old Grippers were dated 1992).

Also did full service including valve clearances, and new battery. It starts a lot smoother now with much less smoke, the motor seems to be in better shape than I had thought.


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Playing around in the mud. Still open diffs but it is ok

Got a Lokka for the back, still have to try it out off road though.

A few rust repairs around the place. I am getting a better welder soon so I will do more repairs then.



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OK, new pictures.

I tested the Lokka on this dirt mound, works good. No problems on the road either. Also, a bullbar.

Need longer shocks all round, probably get them when I get new springs.

Didn't do any damage but I will need some body protection.

This piece of rust I was not looking forward to fixing.

Most of this area had to be cut out because the metal had rusted thin. I had to cut the whole corner thingy off the make a new one using a stencil from the other side and flipping it over.

Still needs a bit of smoothing off but good enough for now.


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Good skills JP, wish I had em. Bullbar looks like it means business too. Needs some bulllights to suit the vintage vibe you've got going on there.


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Good skills JP, wish I had em. Bullbar looks like it means business too. Needs some bulllights to suit the vintage vibe you've got going on there.
That is right, I do need some bull lights. I have some cheap spotties on there but the housings broke when I was pushing stuff around.

Haven't had time to do much work on it though, since I have been moving house.



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Tail lights before:

Tail lights after:

New springs and shocks from 4WD Systems. Was a bit stiff so I took out the smallest leaf from the bottom and now it rides nice.

Tested them out at Saunders Gorge, front is good now it's just the rear that needs work.

The Lokka was useful here.


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Got a new toy,

modified and fitted a 2nd fuel tank,

and replaced the thermostat housings, water pump and oil cooler housing because someone had used water instead of coolant and all aluminium parts were corroded. Big job and not much fun but now all the engine oil and coolant leaks are sorted.