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Me thinks his position is, "This will do for now (attract attention), whilst I work out how to become a social media influencer!"


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That looks like clutch and brake to me, so does that download rubber?
Old school line locker, ah the good old days, a nice grungy V8 XB Falcon and cheap tires:D
Street meets have been going on for decades and the police still try to stop it, talk about fighting a loosing battle


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For want of a better term, I used to be a grease monkey when I was young. There was a particular model of car that would come in for service, I think it was the Morris 1100, and it took ages to fill the engine with new oil. This was a modern garage and all the oil types were on pressure lines, much like a petrol bowser delivers fuel. One of our guys found a great way to fill the engine. We took the engine dipstick out and directed the oil nozzle into the hole the dipstick came out of. You could fill the engine in seconds and if you were good with the aim, not a drop would be spilt.