Rusty Panels

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Little Johnny's dad asks him to go to the hardware store to pick up a bottle of battery acid he had ordered for his car battery.
So Johnny walks down the street, collects the bottle from the store and starts walking home again. He gets to the first street corner when he meets their local Priest Father O'Leary who is also carrying a bottle under his arm.
Johnny say's Hello Father and curiously asks "What's in the bottle Father?"
Father O'Leary holds the bottle up in front of himself and say's proudly "This is a bottle of Holly water Johnny! Do you know that a few drops of this on a wee babies head will burn off the devil?"
Johnny proudly holds up the bottle of acid in front of him and says "That's nuffin Father! one drop of this on a dog's arse and it'll Burn off a GT Falcon!"