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I know this is a joke thread, however everyone knows I have a reputation of going a little off topic sometimes.
These type of shows by various comedians were common in my time.
Here is one of many from the I Love Lucy show.




A young couple were interested in joining the local church and organized a meeting with the churh priest to see if they met the criteria.

The meeting went well with the last requirement being the couple abstain from sex for the next two weeks.

Two go by and they go back to meet the priest, he asked, did you manage to abstain from sex for the two weeks ? No was the young mans reply, my partner bent over to get someting from the fridge and temptation got the better of me so i took her right there and then.

Disappointed the priest says, well unfortunately you don't meet the criteria so there for i must ban you from entering this church, that's ok replied the young man with a cheeky grin, we are now banned from the shopping centre aswell.