JetBoil - Best thing since sliced bread


So For those of you who don't know there is a new invention that is out and its called the Jet Boil.

For those morning when your camping, at work on a job site or even if your home kettle is on its way out. Not to worry life can still go on, you can still get that caffeine hit that you need to keep you going or to get you started. All you need is a JETBOIL...

You can buy them at anaconda or any other good camping shop.
I am not a seller or importer nor have anything to do with the company, I just think there the best thing since sliced bread.

I own one and use mine every time I go camping to heat up a can of Fully Loaded Beef Stew for dinner or to make a cup of tea or coffee in the morning or at morning tea at a job site.

You guys should check these out!
Thought i should share with the world.



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They are a great little piece of kit. Had one for a while to go hiking but it also makes it into the work car & the Troll for trips. Great for those who need their coffee fix in an instant...


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The jetboil truly is great.
There is something however, which I think is better, and cooler!

BioLite CampStove - BioLite Stove

bio Lite does not use gas, uses dry timber and also charges your phone via USB, all from the heat.
Truly amazing design and no need to carry fuel.



Jetboil got a workout the week just gone as I was in the alpine national park on a family camping/4x4ing holiday...awesome tracks down there!

That little camp stove is a beauty, what a great little invention!
Wonder what they will come up with next


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Goto love the Jet boil. I started out with the standard Jetboil Personal and have since gone to the Jetboil SOL Titanium. Bit more compact and lighter (good thing for backpack hunts).


Love my biolite stove. boils the kettle when we pull over for a break in no time. Even cook breakfast on it now, bacon, eggs and toast.


How do they go in fire ban season? I would think that they would be a no-go in summer as they are a naked flame. Is that an issue? Gas is only banned on total fire ban days.


Yep can't use them during total fire bans but OK to use at most campsites. Usually we sit in on the BBQ plate the national parks have at the site or on the side of the road at a rest area we sit it on the table.
Going to gluepot in a couple of months and can't use it there but then doing little desert where it comes in handy


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How do they go in fire ban season? I would think that they would be a no-go in summer as they are a naked flame. Is that an issue? Gas is only banned on total fire ban days.
All beverages on total fire ban days should be served chilled anyhow.



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Looks like a nice bit of kit but pretty pricey if you ask me.....
They are a little pricey but if you look around you can get them for a good price. Add to that the fact you can fit them in a small back pack etc for that nice trail walk or hike up to a look out etc for a nice hot cup of noodles or soup etc on a cold day, they soon pay for themselves.*

Couple them with a cup of water and Back Country freeze dried Spaghetti Bolognase and you have a nice meal in minutes. Obviously you don't need them for that at camp but on an all day walk or backpacking trip they come into their own.