Jerry can sloshing


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Any body come up with a way to stop the Jerry can slosh when you have started using them... Filled up they are fine, take a couple of litres out and you get a lot of noise from them.

Seems to be worse since I strapped them in tight, I assume they were moving slightly before (hence strapping them in)

I can live with it but just wondering if anyone on the brains trust that is has solved the issue.
3 x 22l plastic cans filled with water.


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But you still need to carry water to rehydrate your dehydrated water. Don't you? ;)


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And also available from the same site, (I like this one, ) for those moments when crossing water and its a little deeper than you expected. You can change them
staight away before you emerge from the other side!!!


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Carry a series of ever-smaller containers and decant remaining water from larger partially filled to smaller unfilled. Aggregate as necessary. Problem solved.