jeep xj 94


jeep xj, 94

Good Points
comfortable front seats, lots of power. reasonable clearances, good size for week end car.

Bad Points
not much room in the rest of the car eg boot and back seat. fiddly to work on mechanicly. gets hot under engine bay.

What mods have you done?
spotties and cargo barrier and extended ciff breathers suspension is as i bought it

What mods are on the list to do?
if i want to keep it , locka, snorkle. front recovery point rear wheel carrier bonnet vents

Why did you buy this vehicle?
trade in at the car yard was looking for something with four doors and no rust

How often do you go offroad?
not often enough only getting back into it very recently

What will your next vehicle be?
maybe a land cruiser


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Hello fellow XJ driver,You got a nice rig mate.I had a heating prob as well is you radiator tanks plastic if so get a metal one from natrad,Much better.....

BTW...Look out for Frosty...He loves

O and keep the jeep...


nah its not over heating and i have changed the radiator to one with metal tanks and changed the water pump, it just traps a lot of heat under the bonnet.


Hello fellow XJ driver,You got a nice rig mate.I had a heating prob as well is you radiator tanks plastic if so get a metal one from natrad,Much better.....

BTW...Look out for Frosty...He loves

O and keep the jeep...

yes it would be hard to part with such a beast


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Sand as in beach sand,Could not tell ya mate,Im a long way from the beach.Never done it,Im a hilly mud


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Jeeps are interesting beasts but very capable 4x4's. I have drive some before and would consider purchasing one


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well done on your XJ

there are some interesting things guys do to XJ's to overcome the 2 major issues with them
1. overheating
2. space

there's a write up by a club member in the current mjoc mag on how to install cheap bonnett vents
space can be sorted by lots of methods - bar carriers,roof racks, etc etc

look forward to a great little truck with amazing 4x4 cap

PM me if you want the link to the write up


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You forgot to mention in the good points that it isn't like one of those Japanese thingys.:D
Nice looking Jeep,hope you solve the heat probs and it serves you well for the future.:)


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Xj beat probs

Hi I'm new here. I have a 95 xj and sorted the heat problem.
It started after I serviced the cooling system which appears common from US forums.
This got me thinking about 70's mopar mussle cars which had common dramas with water vapor lock in the blocks.
Tried this... Got xj hot carefully removed radiator cap jambed a coke bottle full of water on top of the radiator inlet and pumped the top hose a lot. Fitted in 3 more liters of water!
This sort of fixed it.
Stage 2
Total flush. Put radiator flush in system turned heater on ( important!) and ran it for 20 minutes. Drained system, took off top and bottom hoses and thermostat, flushed in both directions at high pressure for probably an hour same with radiator. Got a heap of brown goo sort of like ageae out. Got a hose joiner ( about inch and a quater i think) cut the top hose in the middle of the straight section in the middle and fitted the joiner with hose clamps. Drilled a small c/s self tapper screw in the top of the joiner
Reasembled all and filled with coolant.
Over the next few weeks just undid the screw half a turn straight after a drive and let some air out with Engine hot and turned off. You have to remember to keep the radiator top off tank full as every time it cools down it's going to suck a lot more water in
In answer to probable questions.
No the screw does not leak, you just be gentle with it and the bite at the counter sink keeps it sealed, I did this a year ago and no probs.
The problem was most evident going up a steep hill the temp would go straight up.
This is the problem I think, glycol can promote algea growth, this is why manufacturers suggest radiator flush once a year. With a older car with a poor cylinder head design you can get algea blocking the water flow, if you don't flush the heater as well there if always more algea to grow.
Being totally full of water is not critical but with a very long six cylinder with a fairly high mounted water pump I think what was happening was the system was down about 3-4 liters when just doing a standard fill. When I was going up a step hill the water flowing to the back of the block was exposing the water pump to the air in the block and causing pump cavitation ( this is when the pump impeller grabs some air and just spins this air and steam) so instant over heat as you effectively have no pump. I took the pump off and checked it and there was cavitation pitting on the inside of the pump but not enough to affect it's performance.
Hope this helps any jeepsters out there with silly cooling problems :)


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nice XJ i have a black 95 lots of fun:)
i had a lot of under bonnet heat and it turned out to be a lecking exaust manifold gasket and some cracks on the headers, i wound up carefully welding the cracks up with a ark welder set right down at 40 amps, it wont last forever as its welding onto stainless but has been ok for 6 mounths so i'm taking my time trying to snag a bargin on ebey :)
this droped the under bonnet heat massivly.
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