Jeep Wrangler 06


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Only 38000kms, no beach work (i was too scared) Heaps of extras like tint, alarm, central locking, rust proofing (oil and electric). No mechanical alterations, all standard. Soft top only, in brand new condition.
Regularly serviced and detailed by meticulous female owner. Rego to 08/10 and rwc. Silver, PERFECT CONDITION. Regretable sale. $20500.
Can email pics upon request.


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What are ya seelin it for?? You've just found the 4by site and now wana get out??
Must be a chick thing!!:rolleyes:


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it's sad i know but yes, only just found this site, would have been handy earlier! As a single girl i found it really hard to convince my friends (mostly city going, family types.... ) to come with and didnt have anyone to show me the ropes. It was bought with the intention of 'getting out' there but was too scared to be a 'silly girl' and have a crack solo, just didnt happen.
Reason for selling..... I've been offered an overseas post with work and will buy somthing when i come home that i'm not so scared of bashing up. Great car, nothing at all wrong with it..... lol, i guess thats because its never BEEN anywhere :)


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Come clean Daisyduke, you read the Bunyip Trip REport, saw the pics and thought- that's it,I have to quit it now before anyone else sees that, LOL, welcome to the site