jeep cherokee 1998


jeep cherokee, 1998

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just picked up a 1998 turbo diesel cherokee, stock standard with only 160,000km on it, will post up progress pics as i do stuff to it, planned 4.5" lift, 31's, front n rear bars etc



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lol yeh i bought this sight unseen from a dealer in tassie, only 160,000 on it i couldnt let it go as it was one of only 2 in australia for sale !

new tuff dog return to centre steering damper just arrived



Hiya Mate

A friend has this model and kept blowing front diffs (spun)..The mechanic seems to think its because the front and rear tyres where out 2 inches..Being a constant 4wd..So we will see if it fixes it,he gets it back tom..Thought i'd just run it past you



just found out im the winner of the 4x4 action forum october photo comp so a kingone winch will be going on too! looks like ill be front bar shopping, Will have an update in a week or two, have purchased tigers 11 roof rack, egt gauge , 3" turbo back exhaust, 22" light bar, air tech snorkel and scangauge 2, 4000Lumen led reverse light, all yet to be put on in a week or so


few little updates , new digital egt gauge and scangauge 2, the scangauge is incredible the features it has are amazing and only $169, also 22" lightbar and 4000 lumen reverse/work light




just installed donator speedbox performance chip, well this has been one of the hardest modifications i have attempted myself, do to the location of the bosch ecu, but finally SUCCESS!!! wow what a difference, took it up a hill near my house on a sharp bend id normally do 40-50km , i went round that bad boy at 70! and egt's are only rising an extra 10-20c for $170 im stoked


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Nice rig ive got an 01 XJ classic and i can wait to start doing some mods to it im putting a snorkel on it over the X-mass brake and hoping for a lift bye sep 2013 next year for a Fraser trip from Vic now the world didn't end ;p