Java script error


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When I go to Campsites and view a campsite the map loads for a short time then changes to an error message that Google maps didn't load properly, see java script. Knowing very little of Android anyone point me it the easy right direction.


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I've had the same issue, not only on my android phone, but also on my laptop. Chrome, Firefox and MS Edge all display the map for a second or two then display the error.


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Same here; it's most likely affecting everyone.

The site owner/admin will need register the referrer (campsite page URL) with the Google Maps API, accoding to the console:

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 20.35.12.png



Hello, this should be fixed now. Sadly, the site has gotten so big, Google is starting to charge quite a bit each month for the use of their map. :( But Campsites work again. :)


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Ahh, no it doesn't sorry. I am having the same issue I reported previously. But I do agree that it seems to be Java-based.......


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Awesome :) thanks @Patriot

Yes costs can certainly start to accumulate using external services; they get you in with a cheap/free tier but the charges quickly ramp up once the site gets busy :-/