It's a GIRL!!!! New Addition to Team Yobbo


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A big congratulations to Mat and Tanya (Pure Yobbo) on the safe arrival of their baby girl Eloise Mary Jean Brady at 7:05pm tonight. Weighing in at a respectable 3.82kg. Thats means we have a girl Bogan, as thats what mini Yobbos are called.....:D:D


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Hey Tanya, congrats for all the work you have done and for the future. Mat congrats, don't forget to help out and change the nappies.


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Geez Gilly!! Your quick!!!!

All good mum n Bub. I reckon Dad nearly would have keeled over nearly! Congrats to all!

Now watch the hairline receed!!:rolleyes:

sandy jeep

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Congrats ...i love baby perfect ...a daddys girl so special...every mother should have a daughter


Congrats Mat and Tanya. We're hanging out to see photos over here!

Really glad to hear it all went well and everyone is healthy.

Sandy... I've got a couple of spare girls I'm happy to loan out too. :p


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We should pack 1/2 a dozen 3-12 year olds of to yobbo before Tan gets home!! A few days should break his spirit!!


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congratulations matt and tanya "a little ray of sunshine"

gilly you are going to get slapped big time


Couldn't be more happier l tell ya...what wonderful news!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

All the very best to you Mat and Tanya....all l can say is that parenthood can be the most wonderful and awe inspiring and rewarding time of your life but can also be the most challengeing...but at the end of the day as they drift off to sleep and look at you with peace and serenity you know it is all worthwhile and that the love you have for your child is never ending.

God Bless you and your beautiful family Mat.



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Oh Lee! That's beewtifull!!

You shed a little tear, did'nt ya?? Not Clucky are ya??

Nope, no way in hell...I've done my man/child is more than enough.
I just look after the little treasures way to be be...look after them, love them and give them back and get paid for it ;):D


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Yobbo's a bit tired!!

That's alright Mat! You've done the hard bit now. It's a walk in the park from now on. Go and have a big long sleep cos ya can now. Then, Tomorrow, you can go to the pub with ya mates for as long as ya like!

Reckons he's tired now!! heheheahhahaehhahehhahhehhaheheahhahaha!!


Hey Matt and Tanya,

Congratulations. It is very exciting. Hope Tanya and Eloise are both doing well.

Rest up now Yobbo while you can - you're in a for a fun ride!

Congrats again. Looking forward to the photos.

James + Tina


Well mate now all the easy stuff is out of the way get ready and prepare yourselves for the ride ahead, most of the time it should be a good ride until you hit the bumpy sections and believe me there will be lots of them. Congratulation to you both and hope all goes extremely well for you both from here on in, Cheers

ps. Oh and Matt we do know who did all the work on this baby!