It's 50 in the desert


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A couple of months back, I was told of a surprise 50th being thrown in Adelaide for a mate I grew up with but who I haven't seen for 25 years. So the cogs got turning....and I got some short notice leave approved.

Seeing I have to take the whole week off to get there, and it will only take me a couple of days, I have some time to kill on the way.

And it just so happens, I turn 50 the day before him. So why not make my 50th a milestone with a solo trek across the desert via the Anne Beadell. Party on in Adelaide for a couple of days, celebrate my birthday at the pub in Whyalla (My mate has to fly there on that day). Venture down the Eyre Peninsula, Check out some remote caches and caves along the Nullarbor, and finish up in either the Woodlines or the Goldfields before home?

A 16 day, 6000+ Km solo adventure across half the interior of the continent. Shit yeah, what better way to mark half a century?

Its going to be interesting: late last week, Laverton had 5" of rain over 3 days. That stuff spilled into the desert. I'm not into solo bogged vehicle recoveries.

It will also be a great test for the Dobinson MRR and the upgraded front cross member. I expect quite a bit of CSR standard corro's for a substantial distance on the SA side of the ABH. As to weight, I'm trying to cut back on stuff, but when travelling solo, you have to take it all for self sufficiency. It will be interesting to see what weight I shed over the CSR trip when I load the roof tray and weigh bridge it on Friday.

Certainly not a trip for the feint hearted!



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Your a long time dead Mate - I just got back from Vic (I am in Sydney) for a Mates Birthday - We flew together exactly 30 years ago & have been Mates ever since.


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Wow! sounds amazing. Can't wait for the trip report. Many pictures with the report I Hope?
Pretty good fuel consumption.


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And here is the last in the series of crossing the Anne Beadell. Its a bit lame compared to the rest, but I ended with some of the pics that didn't make the blog, so it may hold some interest.

On a critical note, I thought I had my audio sorted, but I note my commentary disappears when internal vehicle noise rises such as when I hit the corro's. So I need to look into that further now.

Anyway, the last of the AB is here:

I will follow up with the return journey, but that wont be half as good as what has been published to date.