Its 2019- What head units support HEMA?

Hi All,

Im new here, so please forgive me if this has been discussed- im sure it has!
Ive been consulting the google for months now and im finding very little information that answers my question:

What car steroe headunits are put there that can support hema maps? Pre loaded or capable of being loaded is fine.

Basically all i want is a 7” double din unit with:
Hema maps
Apple car play
Blue tooth for calls
Reverse camera input
An fm radio

Thats it! Indont need bloody dvd players or mind blowing subwoofer bullshit.
(Although an obdII interface would be cool)

All I can find are alpine units valued over $2k.
Surely theres a cheaper option?

My understanding of these things is limited, so go easy on me!

Thanks in advance
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I should probably add, ive been using the hema maps app on my phone and im guessing a carplay head unit could mirror it or something
(Ive never had a carplay headunit so i don’t really know how they work)

I also know there are hema gps units.

But im not really keen on either option. Im not into having clutter and multiple devices floating around in my car. I just want ONE thing, installed in the dash that replaces the factory cd player
Yeah i didnt think it would work via ios -> carplay.
Thats why ive been looking for units that either have some kind of hema software on them already OR ones that are compatible with the hema map file types.....
Alpine do a few, as does kenwood- but they start at $2k
For off road nav I run a 7" Lenovo tab with GPS , Oz explorer which has Hema and Rooftop digital , works well . I use CarPlay for phone , messages , Spotify and some navigation . Paid $699 for the CarPlay and $150 for the Lenovo between the 2 it works brilliantly for my needs .
The question should really be about what Hema supports, not what supports Hema. It's Hema's job to make their software compatible with Android Auto and Apple Carplay, and they could easily do so. I doubt they will, because it would cannibalise their hardware sales.

You could use MirrorLink - I use it with Locus Maps on my Kenwood DDX head, and it allows interaction via the Kenwood touchscreen.

Honestly though, I think an iPad or Android tablet with good software and a docking station is the best option there is.