Isuzu MU-X Oil catch can

G'day , any one out there installed a catch can on 2012+ D-max or MU-X? Not much room and Ol mate Provent is too big to squeeze in both height and width. Would love to get some links , photos etc... I have seen a mock up provent 100 on ebay but not to keen...o_O

red hilux

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Why aren’t you keen on the provent 100?

I’ve fitted on to mine as I have a space problem also. No problems so far

red hilux

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I bought that for my old surf like 5 years ago. Never fitted it.

Mine has the stainless steel filter in it. So hopefully I can get away with it

It looks like it flows fleely using the mouth a meter test.

I used that as I can’t find room for anything bigger
The 200's are a huge unit. I'm sure they work it out as a worst case scenario - I bet every motor has a different amount of air flow. You might be right. I thought they all ran filters, not stainless? Is it a genuine unit?

muxcc.jpg muxcc2.jpg muxcc3.jpg

Finally sorted it out...just grabbed a SAAS baffled catch can and fits almost like factory..couple of elbows for pipe and one 6mm drain barb @ drain port ..
fairly well made item 3 x baffles and filter media servicable,,,can add air vent filter if require..but hey not racing a quarter mile in it:);) $99 @ Autobarn on sale.. If it fails its only 1 tonne Ive wasted, I have heard good reports on these if you are not a hoon and thrash the bones out of your vehicle....