Isuzu D-Max 2012


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Isuzu D-Max, 2012

Good Points
Power, room, comfort, price.

Bad Points
none yet, but give me time.

What mods have you done?
none yet

What mods are on the list to do?
the usual touring stuff for the back.

Why did you buy this vehicle?
best vehicle in my budget range.

How often do you go offroad?
a bit...

What will your next vehicle be?


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Well I took the D-max out for its first run off the road, all be it an easy fire trail just to check everything worked, and I was very happy with it, loads of grunt from the torquey motor and the traction control works well also. Considering I didn't bother to air down I was very happy with the ride over the rough stuff and was expecting it to be quite different then it was, dont get me wrong its still a leaf sprung ute so dont expect a limo ride but its not bad.

Got a couple of photos but the problem with the colour I got is you cant tell its dirty.

Great work Rob, congrats :)

Only 2 problems i can see.
1. Amy is already in the drivers seat, and
2. Looks like it has a growth already hanging off the passenger side...or is that Matts Jeep ;)

Seriously...well done Mate!


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Tried out the ESC and EBD off road yesterday, just played around in some ruts to lift wheels and see how it works.

I was really impressed with the system, it just kicks in as soon as the wheels start to spin and you keep driving without even really noticing it working. Next weekend I want to try it out on some rocks and see how it goes then, stay tuned...
at first I spun out that they dropped the LSD, then I saw video on youtube demonstrating the old model vs. the current model and it seemed to do a good job.


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Yeah I watched the same video before getting this one, so was keen to try it out first hand, very accurate video, my only concern will be when it fails just as you need it, lol.


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Well I guess its time for an update:

1st thing I have done recently is remove the large "ISUZU" sticker off the tailgate, I think it gives it a much cleaner less cluttered look form the back.

Than it was time to spend a bit of money on it so it is now sporting a nice new Bullbar (an MCC re-badged as a Dobinsons) with a matching 9500lb winch and a 2" lift all round

but as you can now see it really needed bigger wheels and tyres, so:

I am now running a set of 16 x 8 alloys with 285/75R16 muddies. Pretty happy with how its all coming together now.

Other little things that I have done but you cant see is wire up a dual battery controller with cables to the ute tub where it terminates in an anderson plug that connects to the Arc battery box for charging on the way to and from camp but not restricted to being left in the ute at camp.
I have also installed a tyre pressure monitoring system and a battery voltage guage.
Hey rob how u been mate ? I don't have fb any more so have not really seen what you have been upto with the new beast! It's looking very nice. Do u have the new ark power pack or the old one ? And if its the new one how do you find it ?
Ok sweet. So you set it up to be charged from an Anderson plug ? I may need to visit to see how you have set it up I have the old one but thought you could charge through the mains power.
Hi rob ley me know when you take her out again dmax that is would like to see how it goes against the old model nice looking ute go the dmax dave
Looking good, i also have the dobinsons lift and bullbar and happy as. I also run a battery box (national luna) with a ctek and bainbridge multi outlet panel attached. I think the idea if portable power beats the old dual battery systems