Is there something wrong with the forum ?


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Been like this for me to over the last few days seems to freeze for a while and take ages to load.


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Yeah, patchy for me too. Sometimes takes ages to load, sometimes really quick and occasionally it just goes out to lunch.


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I was having troubles earlier in the day, before lunch. It now
seems while I was out partying in the afternoon there was an internet
Received this via the broken net.
Hi Dean,

We want to profusely apologise for the outage that affected your service on Saturday afternoon.

We’re still conducting investigations, but it appears that our systems came under an attack from an external source, aimed at one of our customers.

Normally we would be protected by our firewalls, but the attack was so large that our protection struggled to deal with the load.

This meant that some services operated intermittently, including our office network, phone system and website outage notifications.

We were only able to provide reliable customer information and answer questions via Facebook and forums such as Whirlpool and our online chat.

No matter the cause, the effect was that most customers lost internet and phone services on Saturday afternoon, and we do once again apologise sincerely for this interruption.
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Just click and..........................wait and............................wait and.......................go make a cuppa.


I'm not in the country but have a look a couple of times a day,I've had no issues,might just be a different log in time.....


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It's all over the shop, like a dog with 2 d!cks.
Looking at all the double posts, it's easy to see who's persevered and tried to post.


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Its been spasmodic , since that latest spam attack .
Im sure they are working on it to clean it up