Is my 2007 RA Rodeo Cruise Control ready


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Howdy all,

Im considering adding cruise to my Rodeo to say the right foot on the longer drives. Ive seen the part which essentially replaces the existing indicator and windscreen washer arms, its the same just has some cruise control buttons / functions. But Im thinking installing cruise control is just not as simple as installing this part is it???

Is there a way of looking to see if my Rodeo is cruise control ready?

You guys really are a brains trust.




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Hey bud.

Cruise is best left for professional installation due to safety reasons. Tapping into throttle control brake switch Speedo wiring ect. Definitely not a simple backyard install.

Companys like Auscruze don't supply fitting instructions to public and have authorised fitters/service centres for this same reason



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G'day Wayn01
I drive a 2007 RA twin cab (4x4 manual) with aluminium canopy, and had a cruise control unit fitted by our local Holden dealer a couple of years ago. They replace the wiper stalk with a new one and install a button on the dashboard. I press that button, then press in the end of the stalk when I'm at the desired speed, and it works a charm. It cost $700 fitted but the performance far outweighs the cost. I live over 100 kms from the nearest city, so spend a lot of time commuting on the freeway etc, so having the luxury of cruise control has been worth it. If you can afford it, go for it mate.
Happy camping and stay safe.