Is dyno tuning worth it?


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Hi all.
I have just replaced the carby on my GQ (TB42s petrol/gas) and while iv got it running fine, I would still like to get it professionally tuned on petrol and gas for piece of mind.

My question is... is there much more to be gained by throwing it on a dyno or would a standard mechanic's tune up be fine?
I do have mates who can tune by ear but I assume mechanics would use specialty tools that measure exhaust fumes and whatever else?
I would appreciate any advice from people who have any knowledge in this area!

Aaron Schubert

Not too sure about petrol engines, but most definitely worth it for turbo diesels. If you mainly run it on gas I'd take it to a gas specialist.



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You'd be best taking it to a decent gas mechanic who'll hook up a exhaust gas analyser. From this he'll be able to get the air/fuel mix just right. As for the timing, you can't do this by ear. The mechanic will hook up a timing light.