Ironman or EFS

What way to go for my lift kit on the Navara

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Looking at Lift for my D22 Navara pricewise they are much of a muchness between them whats everyones thoughts on which way i should go

Black Bull

Don't get me wrong as I sell both brands, but if your more touring/daily driver go for the EFS stuff mate. Ironman is more intended as OE replacement and for the weekend warrior.
The EFS stuff is great, I run a full EFS extreme setup in my 80 series, bloody awesome!!


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I'de be checking ALL the brands. I use Dobinson springs on the Patrol and TJM XGS shocks. Don't let anyone tell ya that you have to "match" them. Use whats to your comfort and BUDGET!

Black Bull

True, after having worked for TJM and fitting heaps of their gear, the gold range of shocks are fantastic and well priced too


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I have the EFS Elite being a single cab its a little rough but i can not fault them Jaz. but as frosty said we all have a budget!


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I have EFS all round on my 06 Hilux. Sh!ts all over the OEM gear. Handles so much better on and off road and loves a full load of firewood in the back. Can't comment on Ironman personally but I know a couple of blokes that use it and they have no complaints.