Iphone to Satphone case


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They have been out for a while it all depends on the contract it uses. Its still classed as sat phone so look at the fine print if your interested.


I would go the dedicated sat phone, this was on another forum and statements like will the sleeve accept iPhone upgrades (newer iphones) etc etc .

Don't think it's that much cheaper than a dedicated unit..

Oh and don't forget you maybe entitled to a Government Rebate if buying a satphone, it's worthwhile if you qualify, have been told is quite easy.


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Are the prices and rates listed anywhere, if so I can't see them...What are the costs ?
Anyone know ?

Anyway I'll stick with my Iridium 9505a brick on the $10 casual Next G plan.
Low tech but works a treat and in almost ten years it's never let me down except having to buy a new battery.

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For what you spend and what you get a dedicated satphone looks like a better option.
But like anything new time will tell.
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I agree. I have just bought the Iridium 9575. Its features as a sat phone with data and SOS and it's IP65 rated won me over. Time will tell and this technology is changing pretty fast.


Hot off the press today.. Introducing Iridium GO!™ – a revolution in personal communications.


Iridium GO! enables satellite connectivity for mobile devices where terrestrial networks are non-existent, unreliable or costly.


Iridium GO! is fully portable on its own, or can mount with an external antenna on vehicles and boats for mobile applications.


Iridium GO!, compatible with Apple® and Android™ operating systems, is an affordable solution for global connectivity, delivering remarkable value compared to other options.


Iridium GO! is small enough to fit in your pocket and — like other Iridium devices — tough enough to withstand rain, sand, dust and rough use.


Iridium GO! connects through Iridium-optimized apps that will be available for Apple and Android devices.

This sounds an even better option.


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im agreeing with swaggie have a dedicated sat phone.I prefer the isatphone you can connect it any time by just topping up or buy a new prepaid sim with credit,very reliable and calls and txt are reasonable , will pick up signal all day on your 4x4 dash and talk via bluetooth, each phone number has its own free email address .eg 87077671xxxx@message.inmarsat.com ,free to recieve all with 8 hours talk time and 100 hours standby.Can also send sms with gps co-ordinates built in . Theres also quiet a few sat 2 way sms devices out there now with trackers but cost as much as a sat phone to stay connected .Dont be tempted in buying a second hand Telit satphone as these a being phased out and i believe pivotel are not connecting any new accounts to this phone Maybe this thread should be moved back to the original satsleeve thread


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Iridium go looks interesting but i wouldn't buy one as an emergency type device, too complicated.

If you have an emergency of any kind you want a simple device that you can pick up and dial 000 or similar.

Not have to fumble around with potentially flat/or damaged smartphone, pairing them with a device etc

Great device though for people off the grid more often and need to maintain contact / email etc


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I offer these to clients needing robust solutions in complex theaters and I would sum up as follows.

Sat Sleeve - Pro cool factor. cheap(er) call rates. Increases Battery Life of phone. Can SOS call with out phone Cons major issue is lack of waterproofing and therefore lack smart phone case to protect smart phone. Lower coverage Network (Especially the further south you go in Aus). Doesn't work in US (if you are going to go there). Eventhough Bluetooth connection still have to have in cradle.

Iridum Go - Pro IP65, connects upto 5 devices, can be hard wired, can have external antenna...on Iridium network (Love or hate the Yankees its is the best network). Can still secure your phone in waterproof tough case Cons Cost of calls and Data

For the 'Go' No clue on price yet but I am told it will be 'medium range'.

Pivotel who are the 'Telstra' of Satphones in Aus told me last time I chatted with the Rep that the Go is likely to be a game changer when it comes to mobile solutions, amongst other things allowing vehicles to be easily 'fitted' out with the Iridium Go and all passengers and driver hooked up to it if needed, whilst still having a portable solution should you need to leave vehicle.

Additionally if you are going overseas to, say, somewhere a satphone may be "frowned upon" the Go is a much better option to, shall we say...hide.

Also just of interest, you used to be able to keep the call cost down in Aus on Iridium casual plan as the service provider (Pivotel) didn't charge for incoming calls other than normal mobile cost....so you could send a quick 'call me' text and chat away for mobile rates....that has just changed in the last few weeks (Comes in 1st May). :(