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Introduction into Dez and Crackers

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by DezandCrackers, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. DezandCrackers

    DezandCrackers New Member

    Hey guy's and girls,
    Check out our new 4x4 adventure show its free and informative. if you have any feedback that would be greatly appreciated.
    Dez and Crackers
    Couple of dads giving it a go!

  2. 2002GU3

    2002GU3 Well-Known Member

    welcome to earth guys, good luck with your show
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  3. Airstrike

    Airstrike Active Member

    Welcome to Earth
    interesting, looks like you are based in Vic
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  4. DezandCrackers

    DezandCrackers New Member

    Yes Vic based thanks for checking it out. there will be an upcoming show this Sunday afternoon..
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  5. Minelabmaster

    Minelabmaster Member

    Welcome to the team guys,
    Keep up the good work with the show
    PS: loved the nachos:):)
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  6. DezandCrackers

    DezandCrackers New Member

    Thanks for watching - We had alot of fun with the kids filming the Nachos show.. The storm made for an interesting night .

    Dez and Crackers
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  7. jacnden

    jacnden Well-Known Member

    Is this related?

    Good luck with the videos
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  8. DezandCrackers

    DezandCrackers New Member

    Haha not quite

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